Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

Low Maintenance Backyard Ideas

A beautiful landscaped backyard could be a low maintenance yard as well. With the right planning and landscape design ideas, you could have a backyard design that you are proud of and will want to spend more time in than working in.

Outdoor Living

Creating a patio with the space to entertain is an ideal way to use the space of your backyard.  Imagine inviting friends over for a fresh baked pizza from the pizza oven in your backyard?  Barbecue time? Warm or cool evenings in Southern California are always a good time for a barbecue!  Enjoy dinner with friends and family then spend the rest of the evening winding down around the fire pit.  These improvements will be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come and would offer huge incentives for future home buyers if you plan to sell your home.

Creative work with Concrete

Landscape designers can help you design a backyard that is beautiful and artistic with concrete paths, walls, or decks.  You can cut down on the grass in the yard by installing a variety of concrete options around your yard.  Concrete does not have to be cold and unwelcoming.  Imagine a concrete path leading to the center of the yard where a birdbath or gorgeous water feature grabs your attention.  It’s the perfect setting for a comfy patio chair, a cup of coffee, and a good book.  Your weekend mornings will easily roll into afternoons as you admire the peace of your own secret garden.

Remember, a gorgeous backyard design should be something you enjoy and doesn’t require a lot of time to maintain. A good landscape designer will create an ideal landscape solution that’s right for you.


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