Best Plants Native to Southern California

Best Plants Native to Southern California

Best Plants Native to Southern California

These beautiful and hardy plants can handle the hot and dry conditions of Southern California. They are favored due to the ease in caring for them and for the gorgeous colors they add to your landscape.

Miniature Hollyhock

Adding charm to your vase or in the middle of a perennial border. The miniature hollyhock blooms in summer and comes in shades of pink, red, lavender, and white.

California Lilac

A California shrub with wonderful blue, fragrant flowers that appear in masses on the plants in late spring and early summer.

Baby Blue Eyes

A wonderful annual with a low habit and sky-blue blooms, baby blue eyes adds lovely color to the front of your spring and summer border.

California Poppy

California’s state flower, a longtime favorite offering beautiful flowers in shades of orange, yellow, cream, apricot, and pink.

Fried-Egg Flower

Cheering up any dull spots in your landscape. The flowers are fragrant and brightly colored. Though it’s an annual, it will self-seed, and come back year after year.


Godetia is a delightful annual that thrives just about anywhere. The long-lasting flowers appear through summer in shades of lavender, pink, carmine, and white.

Pineleaf Penstemon

The hummingbird’s favorite! This bloom offers delicate, fine textured foliage and bright, orange-red or yellow flowers all summer long.

Broadleaf Sedum

Create a no-maintenance, drought-tolerant carpet of blue-gray in your garden with this sedum. In summer, the wonderful foliage is accented by starry yellow blooms.

Eaton’s Penstemon

Sometimes called firecracker penstemon, this desert plant’s scarlet-red flowers make an eye-popping effect in the garden.


This coreopsis is a carefree, self-seeding annual that creates loads of bright yellow colors all summer long. It’s as tough and drought tolerant as it is attractive.

Hummingbird Trumpet

Another hummingbird favorite, this plant offers beautiful late-summer orange and red flowers and a ground-hugging habit.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans are much-loved garden plants that feature daisy-like, golden flowers in summer and autumn. They range in color from rusty red to lemon yellow to the more traditional gold.

Desert Evening Primrose

This creeping evening primrose is an ideal groundcover. Nearly pest-free, it has shimmering white flowers that have a delightful fragrance.


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